Debtwire ABS

Debtwire ABS is an all inclusive real time product covering the US structured finance marketplace. We follow real time developments in the cash and synthetic ABS/CMBS, uncovering value, pitfalls and trade ideas before they become trends. Our commercial real estate reporters and analysts closely follow servicing and legal proceedings surrounding distressed commercial properties and their sponsors, identifying situations that directly impact the cash flow in specific CMBS deals.

Our ABS and regulatory coverage closely tracks modification activity and directives, often identifying deals and servicers where new strategies are being employed to manage foreclosures and losses, and we report on how those strategies impact the different credit tiers in the capital structure.

From a more macro perspective, Debtwire ABS constantly updates its clients on regulatory developments and credit trends. We cover secondary trading and pricing, liquidation pipelines, forced sellers. We maintain an extensive library of daily bid lists updated in real time, and follow new issues in both ABS and CMBS. We also maintain a loan level database providing analysis on more than four million currently securitized residential loans, allowing us to extract trends and uncover deal and servicer specific situations that impact the performance of bonds.

Debtwire ABS Europe

Debtwire ABS Europe is a real time intelligence service delivering market sensitive insight on European CMBS and Commercial Real Estate financing, RMBS and ABS.

Our CMBS and CRE finance coverage is deal specific and targeted at events that directly impact debt prices - restructuring and refinancing negotiations, loan maturities, sponsor and lender strategy, insolvency proceedings, asset sales and legal challenges. Additionally there is extensive coverage of regulatory developments and advisory appointments.

ABS coverage includes primary issuance previews, secondary market flow activity, BWIC's and pricing. Debtwire ABS Europe provides market participants with unparalleled clarity on current and future situations, trade, investment and advisory mandate opportunities.