We help firms prosper in corporate debt markets

Debtwire’s journalists do something unique: they report on debt situations before credit ratings are downgraded.

Backed by expert analysis and in-depth market coverage, these insights give our subscribers a powerful advantage.

1Trusted intelligence 

Using reliable, well-informed industry contacts, our journalists analyse the high-yield bond, distressed debt, leveraged loan and restructuring markets then deliver unique insights to our subscribers. We also aggregate relevant stories from other publications so you’re up to date before the market opens.



Timely analysis

We offer independent, in-depth credit analysis focused on companies that may breach covenants, face liquidity issues, or may need financial or operational restructuring. It’s the clarity you need to identify and analyse key opportunities.

Tailored research from our partner service Xtract Research

Analysing bond covenants is a specialised, time-consuming yet essential task. With Xtract Research, partner-level finance lawyers do the hard work for you, helping traders, analysts and portfolio managers to quickly understand the covenant package and potential issues.



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