Debtwire Europe

Debtwire Europe publishes first-to-market news on the distressed debt, leveraged finance and sovereign debt markets. Our multilingual experienced team of financial reporters and analysts provide comprehensive intelligence and data on leveraged finance backing private equity buyouts, high yield bonds, corporate or sovereign debt restructurings, cash debt trades and credit default swaps. Debtwire presents clients with a one-stop shop for definitive coverage of the fixed income market and actionable intelligence from our real-time news desk.

Leveraged finance

  • Comprehensive coverage of leveraged loan and high yield bond issuers across the credit life cycle.
  • Extensive coverage of private equity portfolio companies.
  • First-to-market deal origination news on corporate sale processes, staple financing, comparable analysis, exclusivity periods, bank mandates, deal structures and flexes.
  • First-to-market primary market news including in-depth previews and relative value analysis.
  • Comprehensive porfolio coverage for corporate issuers, including results analysis, earnings calls coverage, debt tender offers, amendment requests/covenant negotiations, strategic changes and under or outperformance.

Distressed debt

  • Pinpointing early signs of stress, sustained underperformance and one-off influences for corporate or sovereign issuers.
  • First-to-market news of advisory appointments, independent business reviews, restructuring plans, distressed M&A and intercreditor negotiations.

Sovereign debt

  • Comprehensive coverage of stressed and distressed sovereigns, with a strong focus on trading opportunities from the yield disconnect in fixed income securities